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Why This Customer Traded For a 2022 CVO Road Glide Limited

When David Lawrey stopped by the dealership last week, he wasn't planning to buy a new 2022 Harley-Davidson® CVO Road Glide Limited. It hadn't been that long since he bought a 2019 CVO Street Glide Limited. But when you meet your dream bike, sometimes your heart doesn't stand a chance.

A Little History

David took a motorcycle endorsement class, got his license and started riding in 2010. Since then, he's logged more than 150 thousand H.O.G. miles. 

"I got my first bike from Black Gold Harley-Davidson® when it was Harley-Davidson® of Dallas. It was a used 2008 Sportster 1200 custom in white gold pearl. I traded that after two years and about 30 thousand miles for a black used Street Glide. I had that for three and a half or four years, then got a 2015 Street Glide. I rode that bike for a while until we went to the National Hog Rally in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2017. That's when I saw the Gunship Gray paint on CVO Street Glides and Road Glides. I fell in love.

"Tina talked to Paul at the Harley® shop and told him we were interested. He found and sold us one in December of 2017."

David's wife Tina shares his love for all things Harley-Davidson®. In fact, if it weren't for motorcycles, they might not have met and fallen in love.

"We met on," David chuckled. "I was using their free services. She left me a comment, and I couldn't see what it was because I was a free member." He paid the membership fee to see what she had written, and he's glad he did. 

"Her comment was about my profile picture with my Harley." Tina fell in love with the man and simultaneously in love with motorcycles. You can read their Harley-Davidson® Love Story here

Color Matters

Gunship Gray paint attracted David to his Street Glide, and it ultimately became the reason he traded it. "Gunship Gray started turning up on cars, trucks, boats, everywhere. When I saw it on a little Chrysler minivan and this guy driving it with his baby in a carseat I told Tina, 'That's it. I'm done with this fad color."

He traded for a CVO Limited in Magnetic Gray Fade, and didn't anticipate wanting another bike any time soon. But it's funny how life sometimes throws you a curve ball.

David and Tina finished pre-riding a route for an upcoming event and stopped by Black Gold Harley-Davidson®  to have patches put on their vests. They had 45 minutes to kill, and thought they'd spend that time visiting with the staff and browsing the store. Then David spotted the 2022 CVO Road Glide Limited in Hightail Yellow Pearl. 

"That color jumped up and slapped me in the face," David says. "I went over and started staring at it. I couldn't walk away. I love the fact that Harley-Davidson®  came out with a paint scheme that's hand airbrushed, hand pinstriped, what a CVO should be.

"Then Tina saw me looking at it. I've always liked the batwing fairing (on Street Glide). I've test driven Road Glides, but I had only ridden the guided demo rides, not taken it on the highway. I decided what the heck. I'll try it and if I don't like it I can always trade in a few years. People say once you go with a Road Glide you never go back."

While the color was what made the bike irresistible, it wasn't the only thing that convinced David to take home his new bike. "The traction control is nice. Hill assist is something new my bike didn't have. Harley® going back from a hydraulic clutch to a standard cable clutch was another incentive for me to want to try it out. 

Why He Keeps Buying from Black Gold Harley-Davidson® 

David says Black Gold Harley-Davidson® has always treated him and Tina like family. Over the years he has developed both a personal and professional relationship with the owners. David specializes in audio and video equipment along with CCTV and wireless network access points, and he has often been called on to provide those services for the dealership and management. He has a lot of good things to say about his many purchasing experiences at the Allen Harley® shop.

"Heather Swank has sold me all but two of my bikes. We have always gone back and dealt with her. They just go above and beyond with customer service, making sure we're happy. They give us the best price. From what I hear, other dealerships are charging way more for that bike. And they always give me a really good deal on my trade-in."

Here at Black Gold Harley-Davidson®, customer satisfaction is our goal. If you walk in the store and fall in love, or if you're looking for a specific make and model, we'll help make it happen. Shop our new motorcycles here or browse pre-owned inventory online.