How to Customize Your Harley®

Born Unique

People who ride Harley® aren't trend followers. Ask any of us and we'll say we want a bike that doesn't look, sound or perform like anyone else's. There's a custom Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in our head, in our soul, haunting our dreams, and we can't rest until we achieve absolute perfection. 

The dedication is almost an obsession, and we're not just okay with that, we're proud of it. 

You can trust Black Gold Harley-Davidson® to help you achieve your motorcycle customization goals, because we're just as obsessed with creating one of a kind bikes as you are. 

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Motorcycle Customization is Part of our History

The Custom Movement we experience today was born out of the Second World War. It was Harley-Davidson® who adapted a number of their bikes to meet the needs of the armed forces - they were loved by many. Following the War, as the economy started to reestablish itself, motorcycles became increasingly popular, riders started using their bikes to express themselves and stand out from the crowd.

At Black Gold Harley-Davidson® we continue to support this passion today and offer a vast array of Parts and Accessories to inspire you.

How to Customize a Harley-Davidson® Near Dallas

Explaining how to customize a Harley-Davidson® is almost like explaining to someone how to dream. It's individual, personal, almost visceral. But the good news is, there really isn't a wrong way to go about it.

Some people walk into our Dallas Harley® dealership with very specific ideas about what they want. They know the parts, they have example photos and they can describe their goal custom Harley® down to the very last detail. We help them achieve it, and we can put you in touch with the previous customers to prove it.

However, those riders aren't the majority. Most people have an idea of what they're looking for. Some just know they want their bike to be one of a kind. 

Our Allen Tx motorcycle customization specialists get such rave reviews because we have such a long history of working with riders for as long as it takes to achieve absolute custom motorcycle perfection. 

We know that looks different for everyone. It costs different amounts and takes anywhere from months to decades. We're Harley® riders. The journey is what makes it all worthwhile.

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Customize Your Allen Tx Harley® for Fit and Function

Do you think your dream Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is simply too big and heavy for you? Think again, because it’s all about getting the right fit.

We know the physics and ergonomics of the custom Harley® motorcycle inside out, and we’re positive that with our huge range custom Harley-Davidson® parts and accessories and over 100 years of experience, we can tailor any bike to you.

You'll be amazed at what our trained experts at the Black Gold H-D® Service Department can do. By changing a few key aspects we can fit any bike to almost any rider, so whether you're small or tall and a Fat Boy® is your dream, well what are you waiting for.

Custom Harley-Davidson® Parts and Accessories

What types of custom Harley-Davidson parts and accessories can you get at our Dallas motorcycle dealership? Pretty much anything you can dream up. If we don't stock it and can't order it, chances are we can fabricate it. Here are just a few of the categories  for custom Harley parts and accessories we provide:

  • Custom Harley® fuel and air intake systems
  • Custom H-D® highway bars
  • Custom Harley-Davidson® seats
  • Custom H-D® foot controls
  • Custom electrical components
  • Drive and transmission customization parts
  • Custom bars and controls
  • Custom oil filters
  • Exhaust customization
  • Custom Harley® engine parts

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Custom Harley-Davidson for Sale Near Dallas

We can give you any custom build you can dream up, but we also might already have exactly what you're looking for. 

Check out our custom build inventory online or stop by our Dallas Harley dealership to drool on them in person.