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Online Motorcycle Buying Tips – Plus Scam Red Flags

Why Do You Need Online Motorcycle Buying Tips?

The entire world has changed, and it will probably never be the same again. While the coronavirus pandemic spread seems to be slowing, we’re still only beginning to discover its after-effects. How quickly our nation recovers depends on how scrupulously we stick to health guidelines and how innovative we are in business. Our Dallas Harley-Davidson® dealership is offering online motorcycle buying to do both.

If you’ve ventured out since the Texas stay at home order expired, you’ve probably encountered the following:

  • The guy who has his face mask just over his mouth, not his nose, and he pulls that down from time to time so he can snack, then touches things (don’t be that guy)
  • The fearful elderly shopper who cringes away from human contact
  • The store employee who acts like they don’t believe in germs
  • A lot of regular people who are trying their best to practice social distancing and not sure if it’s safe to be out at all

There’s such a wide spectrum of human behavior surrounding this thing. If you can get what you want without having to leave home, you’re better off. If you’re looking for a new Harley-Davidson® or you want to buy a used Harley® near Dallas, you don’t have to. Go straight to our virtual showroom or keep reading to find online motorcycle buying tips plus a scam to watch out for.

Learn About the Make and Model

There are always unknowns when you buy any type of vehicle. New, used, from a dealer or individual, warranty or no warranty, it’s still new to you. The more you know about the type of bike you’re buying, the more likely you are to ask the right questions and avoid the potential for disappointment. 

Whether you’re shopping on a dealer website or buying from an individual willing to deliver, you don’t want to waste time and money. Watch review videos from reputable sources, people who ride a lot. Read forums and look for known issues in that make and model. 

Research Seller Before Online Motorcycle Buying

Let’s say you’re looking for a just slightly used Iron 883 Sportster. You look at Cycle Trader, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and dealership websites all over Dallas and come up with a handful of options. What next?

You’re probably going to find there’s not a huge price difference. One seller offers it for a few hundred dollars less, another for a few hundred more, with most options right in the middle. 

Before taking the next online motorcycle buying step, find out everything you can about the seller. In the best-case scenario, you can get the seller on the phone to ask your questions and to get a feel for their integrity.

Read online reviews to get a feel for how the seller takes care of their customers. You’re spending a lot of your hard-earned money and trusting them to deliver what they promise. Look for rave reviews. If you’re buying from an online marketplace like Cycle Trader or eBay, look for high volume sellers with a large number of positive reviews. 

Explore Financing Options Before Buying a Harley Online

Our dealership can help you complete every part of the transaction without having to step foot in the dealership. You can get a motorcycle loan that works just like financing did before the pandemic by applying online

Request Tons of Photos

When individuals or dealers list motorcycles for sale online, they might post a few photos or a lot. Either way, upfront sellers won’t mind sending more at your request. 

A video walk-around can be a huge help. Photos just show parts of the bike in isolation. A video gives you a feel for the whole. Ask the seller to start it so you can see and hear that too.

Ask About Delivery

For a limited time, you can buy a Harley® online and our dealership will deliver it to your door (subject to terms and availability, some restrictions apply). If it’s a thrill to buy at the dealership and ride off on your bike, imagine the feeling of having it show up at your door in all its bright, shiny powerful glory.

If you’re not buying from us, find out how the seller will get it to you, what it will cost and what precautions they’re taking to make sure nothing goes wrong along the way.

Online Motorcycle Buying Scams – Watch for These Red Flags

Scammers always try to use fear and uncertainty to turn a profit. They’ve been deceiving people online since the invention of the interwebs, and COVID-19 has given them all sorts of new opportunities to lie, cheat and steal. If you buy a motorcycle online, watch for these red flags:

  • Too good to be true – If the seller is offering the bike for way below its suggested retail value, something is wrong. Find out what.
  • Plays on emotion – This goes with the above. If you run across a poor penniless widow willing to part with her husband’s vintage Harley for a few thousand dollars just so she can feed her rescue dogs and small children, don’t let your soft heart get in the way of your good sense. 
  • International owners – If the seller is in another country and only available by email, but his helpful relative is here in the U.S. and willing to take your money, your inner warning bell should go off. Listen to it. Beware of ads written in broken English and phone numbers that don’t lead to an actual person.
  • The pressure to hurry – Watch out for sellers that pressure you to act or threaten to take away the deal. Don’t rush into buying a bike. Reputable sellers will allow you to research your options and think through your choices.

At Black Gold Harley-Davidson, we're committed to serving our customers throughout the pandemic and beyond. If you have questions about a bike in our inventory or you can't find what you're looking for on our website, contact our store, we're here to help.