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Germ Warfare for Harley® Owners During the Pandemic

Flatten the Curve, Ride a Harley®

Riding your bike is a great way to social distance. It also might be a way to keep your sanity and save your relationships. The media tells you every day what you can’t do, spreading anxiety and fear. We’ve got good news – one of your favorite activities is still available. Ride more to make it through, and at the same time flatten the curve.

5 Rules For Preventing Coronavirus Spread During Your Ride

  1. Carry disinfectant – Pack hand sanitizer if you can find it. A lot of gas stations are charging an arm and a leg, but they’re carrying it. It’s cheaper to pay astronomical amounts for hand sanitizer than it is to get sick. It’s also not a bad idea to toss in a package of sanitizing wipes.
  2. Use Your disinfectant – Don’t skimp, use your hand sanitizer and wipes every time you touch surfaces. Be especially careful with doors, light switches, bathroom surfaces and anywhere people handle food.
  3. Watch your gear – When you stop, there’s a tendency to set helmets, backpacks, keys, your wallet and your cell phone down on surfaces. You don’t know what germs live there. Whenever possible lock your stuff in your saddlebags or carry it in your pockets instead of setting it down.
  4. Be serious about social distancing – Keep yourself and your stuff six feet away from everybody else when you get gas or grab a bite to eat. Germs can travel outside.
  5. Wear your helmet – A full face helmet will prevent any germ-laden droplets from reaching you. And it looks a lot cooler than a paper face mask.

After your ride, get out your sanitizing wipes. Clean your handlebars, wipe down your helmet and saturate all your other waterproof surfaces. Wipe your key fob and allow to dry. For your leather seat, jacket, boots and other items, use a damp cloth with dish soap to gently wash. Then dry thoroughly and apply leather conditioner. 

When you’re done, take a step back and ask yourself what else might have been exposed to germs. You probably touched your wallet and cell phone, so disinfect those. When you’re finished, wash your hands and face.

Your Bike Has Health Concerns Too

Don't skip routine maintenance or necessary repairs right now. It's a good idea to go for a ride, but only if your bike is in top condition. 

Vehicle service and maintenance is essential. Our service department is open to take care of all your motorcycle maintenance needs. You can schedule everything online or over the phone, with contact-free appointments available. Our staff is taking extra precautions to disinfect everything we touch, so your bike will be returned to you germ-free.