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Harley-Davidson Dealers in Texas - Choosing Where to Buy

When you catch new bike fever, it pretty much takes over. Once you fall victim, you can't think straight. What used to bring you joy no longer works. There's no cure except finding the perfect bike and riding it home, the faster the better. But trying to choose between the Harley-Davidson® dealers in Texas can slow you down. 

It's easy to find articles and videos that compare bikes, but there's not really one good, unbiased resource that offers a side by side view of bike dealerships. Here's how to make sure a trip to your local Harley® shop ends in satisfaction, not a disappointment.

Top Harley-Davidson®  Dealers in Texas Prioritize Communication

If you're going to buy from a motorcycle dealership, you want one that will still be there after you've signed the paperwork and taken your bike home. Before you start looking through their inventory, look for Harley-Davidson® dealers in Texas that are plugged into their area. The best Harley® dealers become communities unto themselves.

On their website, can you easily find ways to get in touch? Are they just trying to make a quick sale, or will it be easy if you need to contact parts, service, Motorclothes® and other departments?

On social media, how responsive are they to others? If they reply to customers through posts and messaging, that's a good indication they'll do the same for you.

Location Matters

Sometimes you can find the model of Harley-Davidson® for sale you're looking for out of state at a lower price. Used bike prices, like vehicle prices, fluctuate based on where in the U.S. you're located because supply and demand vary. If you can get a huge discount by driving a few hours it might be worth it, but not always. 

Ask yourself whether the discount is worth possible long-term inconveniences. If you'll have to drive all the way back any time you need warranty work, it might be better to spend a little extra and save the time and headache. When you think about the possibility of having to leave your bike at an out-of-state dealership for repairs for several days, sticking with Harley-Davidson® dealers in Texas starts to sound pretty good.

Sometimes you walk into a dealership and the floor is grungy, half the merchandise looks like it's been there for a decade and some of the bikes have started collecting dust. The bathrooms were cleaner at the last truck stop you visited and displays are a mess. If the dealer doesn't provide a pleasant shopping experience at their physical location, that's a good sign they're more interested in making every possible cent off customers, not providing the best overall experience.

We chose our new dealership location specifically with riders in mind. We host a lot of events, and we wanted to provide better accessibility for the customers that show up on their Harleys®. Our newer, bigger, better facility is closer to 121 and has a giant parking lot that surrounds a 50,000 square foot dealership.

Compare Financing Options

Seventy percent of motorcyclists finance when they buy a new bike. That's because no matter what you buy, most people don't have thousands to drop on a new or used motorcycle, but they have room in their budget for payments.

Some Harley-Davidson® dealers in Texas have limited financing options. If you have bad credit or no money down, they just can't afford to give you a loan on your bike purchase. The only thing worse than new bike fever is falling in love with the perfect Harley, then having to walk away because you can't afford it. It's best to make sure you'll be able to get a motorcycle loan before you show up to pick your bike.

Our dealership has established relationships with lenders and financing experts that make getting a motorcycle loan easy. We can help you get a loan on a new Harley or finance a used motorcycle. You can even add in parts and accessories, an extended service plan, insurance and other costs so you just have to make one monthly payment. We've helped hundreds of riders qualify even with bad credit. If you're not sure whether or not you'll qualify, you can apply for financing or check your application status through our website. Even if you haven't picked out a bike, you can get an initial credit decision.

Some dealerships want you to pay in person at their location, which can be a pain. Harley-Davidson Financial Services allows you to set up auto-draft or pay electronically so no trip to the dealer is required.

Read Texas Harley® Dealer Reviews

Pretty much all Harley-Davidson® dealers in Texas say they're the best. That's nice, but also self-serving. That's why it's helpful to see what other people say about their experience with that dealership. 

We all know reviews can be faked. Whether you're looking at Google reviews, Facebook feedback or another review source, here are a few indications reviews are genuine:

  • Reviewers include their name and a photo.
  • Reviews include specifics about the dealership like what bike or accessories the person bought, names of the people who helped them etc.
  • A good portion of the people leaving reviews have also written reviews for other businesses. 
  • Reviews come in over a long time frame, not all at once.

Look for reviews that mention customer service. Top Harley-Davidson® dealers in Texas don't just sell bikes and parts, they build relationships one interaction at a time.

Check Out Their Service Department

Research what people say about their service department staff and capabilities. Look for reviews that mention things like work getting done in a timely manner, knowledgeable staff etc. You should get the sense their technicians are qualified and the department has a low turnover rate.

Browse Inventory

Once you've done your research, finally you get to the fun part. People mess up when they start here, because they get emotionally attached to a bike, then they have a hard time making logic-based purchasing decisions. The best Harley-Davidson® dealers in Texas will commit to helping you find the bike that's right for you at a reasonable price. If they don't have what you want in stock, they're well-connected enough to find it for you. It's better to start by making sure you're choosing a solid dealer, then go from there.

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