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2022 H-D® Nightster - Rebirth of a Legend

“Everything we do is based on the fact that form follows function,”said Willie G. Davidson. “But both report to emotion.” That’s the concept behind the development of the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster, a motorcycle that hits you first in the eyes, then in the gut, then fills your heart with longing and excitement that doesn’t go away.

Sportster has a heritage that includes 65 years of the very best in American muscle. In the early days, broadcasters raved the bike took racers the fastest man had ever gone on two wheels. They were icons with a sporty edge, a heart-in-your-throat vibe that left an aftertaste of dust, exhaust and adventure even for those who had never even sat on a motorcycle. And Nightster is a model that perhaps most embodied the most memorable aspects of everything Sportster has ever been.

Nightster was immensely popular, but its first iteration had a short run, manufactured from 2007 to 2012. People either loved or hated it, and fans with an undying devotion are thrilled it’s back again. So let’s talk about how we got to the 2022 Nightster, and where you can get one.

The Original Harley® Nightster

H-D® started producing the Sportster in 1957, with a V-Twin engine and knife and fork design. The Iron 883, Iron 1200, Roadster and others followed. They were first edgy racing bikes, but as times changed so did peoples’ perceptions of them. The chrome and shiny paint and chrome look lost its appeal.

Riders who started out on Sportsters in their youth were aging into cruisers and touring bikes. People started to think of Sportsters as “beginner bikes” or “women’s bikes.” The manufacturer did what it always does – took a look at the direction things were headed and innovated. The dark custom era began.

Nightster is a Sportster variation first introduced in 2007. Upon debut, the bike featured a bobbed rear fender, front fork gaiters and a side-mounted license plate. Riders reported a top speed of 107 mph. It shipped from the factory with 57.2 horses and 64.4 pounds-per-foot of torque.

Riders loved the tweaks Harley® made in riding position with the original Nightster. The footpegs were closer, so were the handlebars. The rider’s weight stayed planted in the seat with no need to stretch and reach anything. Handling and confidence improved.

In 2009, Nightster got a blacked-out engine and a darker overall look. It was a trend-setter when the shift from chrome to blacked out machinery was just getting started. Paint came in matte instead of shiny and metal accents were subtle silver satin. Then, in 2012, Harley®
stopped making Nightster and let its trademark on the name lapse, so fans mourned knowing they might be saying goodbye forever. Until now.

Introducing 2022 H-D® Nightster

In 2021, H-D filed a trademark submission for the Nightster name, and said on the application it was for “motorcycle and structural parts,” so fans new something big was in the works and started asking, is Harley® bringing back the Nightster?

This year, riders turned the page on nostalgia and entered the next chapter in the Harley-Davidson® Sportster® legacy. It wasn’t a slow evolutionary progression, but a leap forward, a redesign from the ground up. To start, the 2022 Nightster has the new Revolution Max 975T (and the T stands for torque.) Revolution Max so far has only been available in Pan America and Sportster S, and it turns 2022 Nightster in to a rocket ship. 

The 2022 Nightster is light, only 465 pounds as shipped. The fuel tank is under the seat, lowering the center of gravity and making it feel even lighter. Its three power modes allow riders control over power delivery, traction control, braking and engine compression. Switch between Rain, Road and Sport mode to best fit conditions and desires. 

It's visually similar to a cafe racer and built both for stop and go city riding and highway acceleration. The seat height is 27.8 degrees. Designers also increased lean angles by 3-5 degrees on each side over Sportster for handling that will delight new and seasoned riders alike. It's currently available in Vivid Black, Gunship Gray and Redline Red.

Buy 2022 Harley® Nightster Near Dallas

Where do you buy a new Nightster near Dallas? The best way to make sure you get exactly what you want as soon as possible is to use our option to pre-order a new 2022 Harley-Davidson®  motorcycle. If you have questions about delivery, pricing, test rides or anything else, you can also click here to request details