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In a world for of Trends, Harley Mom's always stay Classic!

You always knew your mom was special. After all, how many of your friends can say their mom is a motorcycle rider? When Mother’s Day rolls around again, you want to get something really special for mom. Since she loves riding so much, it’s a great plan to get her something motorcycle-related. Here are 10 gift ideas for your biker Mom.

Motorcycle Charm Bracelet

Sure, mom likes to ride, but she likes jewelry too. Find a charm bracelet you think she’d like and personalize is with motorcycle-related charms and sparkles. Then, even when she’s dressed up and in a car, she will remember how much she enjoys her bike. Or a necklace made with a Gremlin bell,  Black Gold H-D in Allen has 100's of bells to pick from!  

Black Gold Harley-Davidson Parts Gift Certificate

Even if your mom takes good care of her bike, chances are she’s going to need a part or two somewhere down the road. Give her a gift certificate to her repair shop of choice so she can get the necessary parts on you!

Cool Dealer Back Tee-Shirts from Black Gold Harley-Davidson 

You and your mom know that girls ride motorcycles just as well as boys. Why not get her a t-shirt that says just that and help her show her motorcycle pride?

Riding Getaway

If you really want to treat your mom, arrange a motorcycle riders getaway for her. Find a beautiful road for her to ride and book her a bed and breakfast on the other side so she can pamper herself after a long day of riding. 

Throttle Rocker

If mom ever has hand or wrist fatigue from long rides, the throttle rockers on the throttle bar can really help. Throttle operation is easier, even if she wears heavy gloves. Make a prepaid appoint with Service at Black Gold Harley-Davidson 214-495-0259

Good Motorcycle Gloves  

Make sure mom has at least one pair of good gloves for her rides. The Women's Odessa Mesh Gloves are great, 

are a great, breathable glove that work well in any weather. If she already has a nice pair, get her another for spares.

Motorcycle Books

Moms who like to ride often like to read about riding between rides. Find books written by other motorcycle riding women or something else related to motorcycle adventures.

Last but not least Mom could always use a New Harley-Davidson Motorcycle!  Schedule a Free demo for her at 214-495-0259 or book her a VIP appointment now