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2022 Road Glide Special vs. 2022 Street Glide Special - Side by Side Comparison

We love them both, but we get to have all the models. If you're ready to buy a new Harley-Davidson®, the choice may come down to 2022 Road Glide Special vs. 2022 Street Glide Special, but which one is the bike for you? Let's compare the two side by side. 

Two Different Fairings

From the front of the gas tank back, when you compare 2022 Road Glide Special vs. 2022 Street Glide Special the bikes are basically the same. The main difference is the two completely different, very distinctive fairings. On the Street Glide, the fairing is attached to the handlebars. When you steer, as you turn to the right or the left, the fairing turns with you. 

In comparison, with the 2022 Road Glide (and other year models) the fairing is not attached. When you turn the handlebars the fairing does not move.

This can make a difference when it comes to wind resistance. With the attached fairing, some people say there's more effort involved when you have to maintain direction against the wind. There's more weight on the handlebars, but it's very well balanced. People who own Street Glide say they put in 700 mile days and don't feel fatigued because of the fairing, while Road Glide riders claim the independently turning handlebars makes a difference.

One time having that weight in the handlebars is actually an advantage is when taking Street Glide off the kickstand. Turning the handlebars to the right will actually make it easier.

Another time riders might prefer one over the other is during night driving. When your fairing turns with you, so does the light from your headlamp. So the 2022 Street Glide Special will illuminate the road in the direction you're turning. When the fairing stays fixed, the light doesn't turn with you, it works more like a car with stationary headlights. 

It matters when you're watching ditches on both sides of the road and scanning the woods for deer. It's also handy when you're sitting in the parking lot and you want to see what's off to your left without actually turning your bike, you just point your light in that direction.

It's worth noting that the Street Glide has one headlight, where Road Glide has two. 

There's a difference in vents when it comes to 2022 Road Glide Special vs. 2022 Street Glide Special. The Street Glide has just one vent under the windshield. Road Glide also has one under the windshield, plus two additional vents on either side of the headlight. 

Gauges, Displays and Infotainment on 2022 Road Glide Special vs. 2022 Street Glide Special

That fairing puts gauges, displays and your infotainment system closer to the rider on a 2022 Street Glide. Riders who don't want to reach as far (or who don't have as much reach) might prefer the ease of access. Also, gauges are all together across the top instead of spread out on either side like they are on Road Glide. Your mirrors are inside the fairing, which gives a clean, streamlined look.

The same components on the Road Glide are a little farther away, so expect to need to do a little more stretching to use your touch screen to change tunes. Taller riders sometimes say having all that pushed back makes them feel like they have more room. The extended space can also make it "feel" like your front tire is much farther out in front. 

That may not make much of a difference considering you can also operate your infotainment system using handlebar controls. If you're riding down the road you don't have to move your hands, just toggle between your options. 

Road Glide has relatively deep storage spaces on either side of the gauges and a 12-volt power supply on the left. Street Glide has a small storage compartment on the right. 

2022 Road Glide Special vs. 2022 Street Glide Special Color Choices

Another major visual difference between the two is available color choices. Here's what's available on Street Glide Special:

  • Midnight Crimson and Vivid Black with Black Finish
  • White Sand Pearl, Black Finish
  • Redline Red with Black Finish
  • Gunship Grey, Black Finish
  • Vivid Black, Black Finish
  • All the above paint choices with chrome instead of black finishes

Your color choices for Road Glide Special include:

  • Reef Blue/Vivid Black with Black Finish
  • White Sand Pearl, Black Finish
  • Redline Red, Black Finish
  • Gunship Gray, Black Finish
  • Vivid Black, Black Finish
  • Then again, all the same colors with chrome

So if you're in love with either the Reef Blue or Midnight Crimson, that may make a difference when determining whether you'll choose 2022 Road Glide Special vs. 2022 Street Glide Special.

Best Way to Actually Compare Them

It's one thing to intellectually understand the differences and another altogether to experience them. It's highly personal. Talk to anyone who has ridden both and they'll be very committed to one bike or the other, but neither is wrong. It's just what feels more comfortable for you and gives you the look and features you want.

The best way to actually decide whether you should buy 2022 Road Glide Special vs. 2022 Street Glide Special is to try them both, and you can do that here at your local Harley® shop. Click here to schedule your test ride.