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Remembering Soldiers Who Gave it All

Remembering Fallen Soldiers Memorial Day 2021

Today, May 31 2021 we honor the men and women who died while serving in the United States military. Some of us will visit cemeteries and memorials to decorate the graves of loved ones lost. Others might join or watch parades. At 3 p.m. we’ll be pausing to join the national moment of remembrance to honor the courage and sacrifice of countless soldiers killed in conflict. We’ll ponder the cost of liberty and render respect as we remember those whose service cost their lives.

We Live in the Freest Country in the World

Americans have five guaranteed freedoms – we have the free exercise of speech, religion, press, assembly and the right to petition the government. We wake up every day with choices people in other nations don’t have. The men and women who enlist in the military do so for a variety of reasons, but most do so because they believe those rights are good and should be protected. They serve because they believe in the principles and ideals that make our country great.

For many, serving meant stepping into the line of danger. Today we remember the men and women who did so willingly and heroically because deep in their hearts, they were willing to die for what America stands for, to preserve the freedoms we enjoy.

It doesn’t matter which party has more control in Washington, over the decades American men and women have served whether or not they voted for the current Commander in Chief, because our country is more than a person or political party.

Fallen Soldiers Faced Fear so We Can Have Peace

Today we have the somber realization that we wake up and go about our lives free from fear because brave souls faced the worst types of evil and stood resolute. And unfortunately, evil isn’t gone. Almost every day the news features terrorists, insurgents, illegal organizations and militants who live to steal, kill and destroy.

Often they thrive in parts of the world where there’s the most crime and the fewest resources. Sometimes they hide in unstable environments where the government is corrupt and the people without hope. That means to fight them, our men and women have to leave home, leave comfort, leave safety and look for the darkness, to seek out that evil, to intentionally look it in the face.

They don’t just face physical danger, their minds also are under assault. When evil hides among civilians, when it masquerades as one of the innocents, it can be difficult to know who to protect and who to defend against.

Our military trains and works to preserve human rights, freedoms and dignities. They hone their skills and knowledge to be the best trained, best armed and most effective. Their aim is to leave every situation, every community better than it was before they arrived. This Memorial Day we remember those who left to serve their country and didn’t make it back to their loved ones alive.

Protection from Want

This past year, there’s been much focus on how government entities should or shouldn’t act to protect us from disease or from economic disaster. One thing we may not recognize is how American military lives are lost every year protecting the global supply chain. Cybercriminals and other bad actors assault our technology. Other types of criminals seek to steal and disrupt the delivery of energy and goods across the seas and along major trade routes.

Our brave soldiers respond to myriad threats to keep international commerce and business open, and every year some lose their lives in the line of duty. They’re currently deployed in more than 80 countries, places like Columbia, Rwanda, Afghanistan and the Philippines. They’re there to provide security, training and equipment, to protect human rights, to help the people their fight drug cartels and defeat insurgents. We may not be at war, but on average, we experience nearly 1,000 military deaths every year.

Military Appreciation at Black Gold 

We support the men and women who risk everything to defend our freedom. Black Gold Harley-Davidson® in Allen Texas wants to show our support for those who are currently serving or who have served our country. We offer exclusive pricing as part of our military appreciation program, and don't want to miss any chance we have to express our thanks. We offer special incentives and programs for active and retired service members. To find out more, visit our military appreciation page.