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Finance a Harley® Near Dallas - Everything You Need to Know

Most people are pretty familiar with the process of applying for a credit card or a vehicle loan. However, getting a motorcycle loan is something the average person doesn't do very often. Since Harley-Davidson®  motorcycles have a reputation for exclusivity and being top of the line, it's natural to wonder if the loan application process is more complicated or there are more hoops to jump through, stricter credit requirements or other impediments. If you want a Harley®, whether the one you have your heart set on is new or used, but you don't have the entire purchase price in cash, this is your article. 

Brand Ambassador Angel has a decade of experience both with Harleys and with sales. He has crossed the country four times on two wheels, logging over 100,000 miles since his first ride. He came to Dallas H-D® from North Carolina, drawn to our dealership because of the vibe. "I feel like we are the last motorcycle shop in the Metro area," he said. "We're not just a retail motorcycle shop. We have guys that specialize in wiring, audio, lighting...a lot of people come here to do high-end builds because we have the staff."

Angel is passionate about helping people find the perfect Harley®  for them. He has countless stories of customers for whom a visit to Dallas Harley-Davidson®  wasn't just a transaction, but a lifestyle change. Here's how Angel answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Dallas motorcycle loans.

How hard is it to get a loan for a new Harley?

"It's extremely easy to get a loan for a new Harley," Angel says. "Everything goes through our bank first, through Harley-Davidson Financial Services. They make it very easy to buy. We've become extremely competitive - compared to other financial institutions, over the past year we're more competitive especially on the APR side of it."

Can you qualify for a Harley®  loan with bad credit?

"Yes, you can qualify for a Harley Davidson loan with poor credit. The term bad credit or poor credit can be very subjective," Angel answers. He points out that not everyone uses the same measuring stick or definition for acceptable credit. What one person considers a dip in rating might be someone else's best. He says the average person's credit score when applying for a motorcycle loan is often in the 500s, but has also seen plenty of applicants on either side of that number.

How bad is too bad to qualify for Harley®  financing?

When people ask that question, it's usually because they have had credit problems or have been turned down for a loan in the past. They either don't want to get their hopes up, don't want to imagine themselves buying a bike if it's not a possibility, or they're afraid of the embarrassment they might feel if they don't qualify.

At our Garland Harley® shop, we don't want anyone to count themselves out. We know sometimes things happen when it comes to money. We've helped people with very poor credit qualify for a motorcycle loan. There's a lot we can do to help you get the bike you want, and our focus is on helping you accomplish your goals. 

What kind of down payment do you need if you finance a Harley?

Anywhere from 10 to 30 percent down will put you in a good financial position," Angel says. It's one of the reasons Dallas H-D's motorcycle finance options are the best. "As you go to other financial institutions, ones that specialize in lower credit scores, you may need more money down. But it's case by case. We will fight to get you a deal, and if necessary we can give you the steps to get approved." For example, sometimes approval just requires additional documentation like proof of residence or a check stub.

How long does it take to find out if you qualify?

Angel says if you visit the dealership and complete your application there, approval takes 10 minutes on average. You can also apply online or call the dealership and receive approval before you even walk through the door. 

What makes Dallas Harley-Davidson different when it comes to motorcycle finance?

"We have guys that ride," Angel immediately answered. "We are a dealership filled with riders. We understand the need to get in the wind, the pull and urge."

"We will go to bat for you. We'll explore every option. We're more concerned with someone having a great dealership experience and coming back to us than just selling a bike. We want lifelong customers."

What are some of the customer stories that stand out?

"Oh there are so many," Angel said. "One customer was a referral, recently divorced, wanted to get back into riding. He has an adult son who lives out of state. They came in and went through the whole process. I noticed his son had some problems getting on and off two wheeled bikes, and they were looking at trikes. The father told me his son has multiple sclerosis. The prognosis wasn't good, he probably wouldn't live for the term of his motorcycle loan."

"I'm going to be taking it over," Angel remembered the dad saying, "But I wanted to give him something that helped him feel alive again." 

Angel called a week or two after the transaction was complete just to see how things were going. The dad raved over how much the bike purchase lifted his son's spirits. "He was in town for another day after we left the dealership and all we did was ride. Since he was diagnosed, I've never seen his smile so wide."

Another moving story Angel shared involved a repeat customer for whom riding is a lifestyle. "I had no idea when I met this customer in late 2019 he had been diagnosed with cancer," Angel recalled. "He's a very loyal customer. He buys clothes and parts and oil, sometimes he stops by just to talk. Some days he comes in and he's full of life, and you can also tell when he's had chemo in the last few days. He's emaciated, has sunken cheeks, but he's still riding. I asked him one day why he does it and he says he wants to continue to add 'life to my years.' We don't talk about how long he has left." Angel realizes what he does isn't about taking credit applications or filling out paperwork. It's about lifting spirits, reaching goals, realizing dreams and making every moment count.

If You're Looking for Dallas Motorcycle Loans

"Give us a shot," Angel says. "We will literally jump through hoops for you." You can talk to Angel by calling 972-270-3962 or apply for financing online using this link.