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Creating Dream Machines – 6 Ways to Customize Your H-D

Some people have this built-in drive, this passion for creating dream machines. They look for a motorcycle that speaks to their soul, then they keep working at it until it becomes almost something that lives and breathes, a creature with soul. What makes dream machines stand apart from other bikes isn’t something you can define, you just know it when you see it.

Riders customize their bikes for the same reason people color their hair or tattoo their bodies. We want to stand out, to express ourselves without having to speak, to visually assert our style, taste and individuality.

Custom Paint Job

There are a lot of advantages to having a custom motorcycle paint job. First, it looks awesome. You’ll be even more impressed with the looks of your bike, and so will everyone else. Often a custom paint job increases the resale value. A motorcycle is a big investment. For some people, it’s just slightly more than they spend on their house or their daily driver. For others, it’s more (shout out.)

It can make a used Harley® feel brand new again. Plus, if your bike has gotten dings and paint chips, maybe even a tank dent from dropping it, a new paint job makes damage repair disappear.

You get a completely unique look. Every Harley® is iconic, but they only come in so many colors. Usually, when riders plan their dream machine, they want it to look different from every other bike on the planet. Here are some of the most popular custom paint job ideas:

  • Pinstripes – Vintage motorcycles and V-twins look subtly more spectacular with pin striping added. 
  • Wraps – A wrap is a big vinyl decal that’s designed on a computer, then applied to your bike. You can get some pretty complex designs, just make sure you choose a shop with experience applying them to bikes. Also, you should know that they start to fade and peel with time.
  • Metallic paint – A hint of sparkle makes a Harley® really stand out. 
  • Airbrushing – Find a good artist and add movie characters, superheroes, graffiti or whatever else you can think of – the only limit is your imagination (well, and your budget.)
  • Classic patterns – Add paisley, geometric shapes, snakeskin, spider webs or zebra with paint.
  • Ghost pearl – This highlights your paint color so it has extra shine.

H-D Exhaust Upgrade

Our service department can help you add aftermarket motorcycle exhaust that takes your bike to the next level. An exhaust upgrade increases performance because it dramatically improves both horsepower and torque. Changing your exhaust affects how your engine breathes – when it gets more air and increased fuel intake, you get more combustion. Bigger explosions mean more power.

An exhaust upgrade also changes the way your bike sounds. While the noise originates in your engine, it’s either muffled or released through your exhaust. An upgrade often makes bikes have a deeper, richer sound.

Customized Motorcycle Lighting

The first thing many people do when they customize their bike is adding daytime running lights, LED headlights, motorcycle LED turn signals, LED taillights, LED auxiliary lights etc. It’s a major safety upgrade because it makes the rider more visible and helps him or her better see where they’re going. It’s also a major style upgrade – custom motorcycle lighting makes a bike look like a beast from dusk to dawn. Plus, LED or OEM bulbs last longer and are more efficient than what comes on many bikes from the factory.

Dream Machines Have Upgraded Seats

Upgrade seats for comfort or fit. If you have long legs and a big frame, add height or have the seat reshaped to move your riding position back as much as your seat pan allows. If long rides make your rear ache, add comfort padding or gel. You can also add custom upholstery with quilting or stitching to upgrade your style.

Add Custom Foot Pegs

Riders swap out footpegs or add floorboards for a number of reasons. Aftermarket pegs can improve riding posture or change riding position to make it more comfortable. Custom footpegs or floorboards also improve appearance.

Sound System Upgrades

If your bike already came with the Harley BOOM! Box GTS audio, you’re good to go. But if not, upgrade your audio equipment so it sounds as good as your bike does. You’ll have a more enjoyable riding experience and your music will be louder and clearer.

Best Place for Harley Motorcycle Upgrades Near Dallas

Our service department is second to none. With their combined knowledge, our team knows everything there is to know about building a custom motorcycle. Some motorcycle dealerships advertise that they sell dream machines, at Black Gold Harley-Davidson in Allen TX, we create them. To get started on yours, contact us online or book a service here.