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Test Ride a Harley® – What You Should Know

It’s always important to test ride a bike before you agree to buy it, plus taking a motorcycle for a spin is always an adventure. At Black Gold H-D® we make it easy to test ride a Harley® whether you’re looking to buy a used motorcycle near Dallas or your goal is to shop new 2021 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. 

Booking a motorcycle test ride allows you to get a feel for the bike and evaluate whether or not it might be a good fit. If you’re prepared for the ride and you know what to look for, it taking a test ride can be a huge assist in your decision making. Here are some of the most important things to know.

Before You Test Ride a Harley®

It’s harder to test ride a Harley® than it is to walk into a car dealership and get them to hand over the keys. Part of that is because whether you’re buying from a dealership or a private seller, they’re understandably protective of their merchandise. You can imagine the impact (pun intended) if you drop or wreck their bike during the process. 

It’s crazy, but some Dallas TX motorcycle dealerships don’t even want customers to sit on their bikes. But if you don’t have the chance to test ride a bike, there’s a good chance you could end up with a major case of buyer’s remorse.

We offer motorcycle test rides for two reasons. First, we want you to be happy with your bike. Maybe the one you walked in thinking was the bike for you actually isn’t the best fit, and you might not discover that just from looking at it or reading biker reviews. Second, Harleys® deserve their reputation for being the best. We don’t have to convince people to buy. Test rides prove Harley® makes the best.

Like with any purchase, do your research before you go. Find specs on all 2021 H-D Motorcycles through our Showroom, and places like offer input from other riders on buying used Harley® motorcycles. That way you know any potential mechanical issues to watch out for. 

Requirements for a Motorcycle Test Ride at Black Gold H-D®

To serve you best, we ask that you schedule your test ride ahead of time. That way we can make sure the bike you’re looking for is in stock and that you know what you need to take it for a spin. Now if you stop by for a T-shirt and end up wanting to take home a new Harley®, we’re going to do everything we can to let you take it down the road first, but if you can, let us know ahead of time if you want to test ride a Harley®.

We want riders to be safe, so we ask that you show up for your test ride with the following:

A valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement. We can’t let you test ride a Harley with just a permit or with the card you got from your motorcycle training course. Make sure you can prove you’re a licensed motorcyclist.

Proper riding attire. That means you need to be wearing a shirt, long pants and closed-toe shoes. It seems self-explanatory, but you know if it’s in here that’s because someone actually tried to show up for a test ride in a tank top, shorts and/or sandals. More than once. 

A D.O.T. approved helmet. You’ll know it’s D.O.T. approved if it has the sticker or label on the back. Look for one with a thick inner lining, a substantial weight and quality chin straps and limits. It would also be a good idea to bring motorcycle riding gloves to your test ride.

Eye protection. If you’ve never ridden before, you might not expect the amount of wind you’re about to feel in your face, and that wind can contain debris. If your helmet has a face shield that counts. If not, bring sunglasses or motorcycle goggles.

Show Up Early

We want to visit with you briefly before your ride to familiarize you with the bike and some basic safety guidelines. It’s best to arrive 10 minutes before your ride is scheduled to allow plenty of time. 

Take Advantage of Dealership Events

Sign up for your newsletter and follow us on Facebook if you're thinking of making a motorcycle purchase so you can take advantage of dealership offers and events. For example, this Saturday, February 11 we're having a President's Day sale on all our pre-owned inventory, and we're offering a free gift with new motorcycle test rides if you schedule ahead. Click here for your chance to test ride a Harley®.