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6 Reasons We’re Thankful (Even Though It’s Still 2020)

Celebrating You Thanksgiving 2020

At Black Gold Harley-Davidson®, we’re realizing just how much we have to be thankful for, even though this year is different from all the ones that have come before. Sure, the news is full of uncertainty and it feels like we may never finish defining the new normal. We’re as sick of being restricted by the pandemic as everyone else and concerned about protecting our loved ones. We mourn with those who have lost family members to COVID. 

At the same time, we’re counting our blessings. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them.

We’re Thankful for Our Customers

It’s humbling to look back over the past year and think what our customers have been through and how you came to mean more to us than ever before. When 2020 started, we thought the biggest challenge we faced was opening a new dealership. That was definitely a huge obstacle, but by mid-March we realized something much more serious was taking place.

Our customers endured quarantine, spending weeks cut off from society. Some of you learned to home school. Many lost jobs or switched to remote work. And every day you dealt with uncertainty about the risk to your own health and worry for your family members.

Still you supported us. You trusted us to provide motorcycle maintenance. You took advantage of home delivery. You practiced social distancing in stores. You managed to stay in touch even when we couldn’t have events. You brought us your used bikes and let us help you find new ones. You were a lifeline during challenging times, and you made it one of our best years ever.

Grateful for Our Community

We’ve never been more thankful for the business relationships and support of our community than we are right now. When Black Gold Harley-Davidson® was under construction, there was one hurdle after another, and sometimes we were tempted to get frustrated or discouraged. Your kind words and encouragement was huge.

We’re also deeply grateful for the bravery we’ve seen from first responders and medical personnel. You are everyday heroes who are willing to literally put your life on the line one day after the next to help Allen TX stay healthy and safe. 

This community is where our owners, managers and employees choose to raise our children and put down roots because it’s one of the best places to live in Texas. When we visit other local businesses or attend events we always find warmth, genuine interest and hospitality that shines brightly even behind a mask or across social distancing. 

Incredibly Thankful for Our Team

One fact this year has highlighted is that every member of our team is essential, and we’re thankful for how they’ve each gone above and beyond. Our service department kept bikes in top shape and bikers traveling safely. They helped with modifications, customizations and collision repair, showing up every day and giving 100 percent. Our sales managers, brand ambassadors, Motorclothes staff, brand ambassadors and other store staff still offered the same exemplary customer service, but they took sanitizing the store and safeguarding customer well-being to a whole new level. 

Plus, in the middle of the pandemic, we changed dealership locations. We relied heavily on each employee to help during the transition. What would have been a challenge in regular times took on a whole new layer of difficulty, but they made it happen. We’ve always been proud of our team, and we’re especially thankful for the hard work they did this year. 

Appreciate Our Suppliers

Supply chains across the United States saw unprecedented disruption over the past months. Goods just weren’t getting from the manufacturer to the warehouse to the distribution center to the consumer like they normally do. Whole plants and warehouses got shut down. Transportation companies were stretched thin. Vendors had to take time off because they got sick or needed to care for family members.

Our suppliers helped us keep merchandise, bikes, parts and other goods in the store. Where there was disruption, they found solutions, and we’re thankful for their hard work.

Thankful We Have the Ultimate Stress Buster

Stress weakens the immune system and makes it harder for the body to fight off all kinds of health issues. You’re more susceptible from everything from COVID to the flu to cancer to heart disease when you’re stressed. 

This year, we all had a double dose of uncertainty, and it has been coming at us all day, every day. The good news is, science proves motorcycling actually relieves stress. So what we do every day is built around something that can lower cortisol levels, boost endorphins and actually help you fight off illness. 

We’re thankful we don’t have to wait for a vaccine to do something that makes us feel better, we can go for a ride any time. And our at risk customers can even enjoy this stress buster while social distancing.

Even Grateful for Challenges

We hate that people across the nation won’t be able to be with their families this Thanksgiving. We miss seeing customers that are choosing to shop online and not attend events because the risk to their health is too great. There’s a lot about this that has been difficult, but we can also see how the past months have made us better and stronger as individuals and as a Harley® dealer. 

COVID encouraged us to find ways to provide contact-free service and delivery. That’s positive because even when one day coronavirus is no longer a concern, there will still be other germs and consumers who are at greater risk. We’re better able than ever to protect the health and safety of our customers.

We’ve also found a greater appreciation for each other. You find out what you’re made of under pressure, and we all definitely experienced that this past year. We found our staff and employees care about each other even more than we realized. COVID made us aware that there was more we could do to help each other stay healthy. Then as weeks turned into months, as we worked together during difficult times, we saw that concern become a long-term commitment.

To wrap things up, if you’re a Black Gold Harley-Davidson® customer, employee, supplier or a member of our community, we’re grateful for you. We wish you a happy, healthy Thanksgiving and look forward to serving you in the days ahead.