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Harley® Summer Riding Gear 2020

How to Stay Cool On Your Harley® Summer 2020

Some of surviving the heat involves having the right gear when you ride a Harley® around Dallas during summer. There are also a few other tricks Black Gold Harley-Davidson® staff members have come up with over the years. Let’s look at summer riding gear for 2020, then we’ll talk about more tips for how to stay cool when you ride in the heat.

Summer Gear Harley-Davidson® 2020

 Mesh jackets keep you cool while still providing protection. One of the most popular options at our dealership is our vivid black and orange H-D® jacket. It has reflective strips strategically placed to improve rider visibility, and vents provide airflow front and back. It also has pockets in which you can insert armor at the shoulders and elbows so you can add layers of protection. Plus, the additional bottom zipper allows for more airflow around your hips. They’re available in both men’s and women’s sizes.


That’s still too much for some riders, and for those, we recommend our ultra-light vented jacket with the Willie G skull on the back. It also can accommodate additional armor at the shoulders and elbows.

 Ladies, if you’re looking for something different, stop by and check out the Women’s Callahan Mesh Riding Jacket. Everybody knows white is the most reflective color to wear, but it’s hard to find a motorcycle riding jacket in light colors (unless you’re partial to orange). This one is crisp, lightweight and includes body armor pockets and reflective material.


Cost of H-D® Summer Gear

 If you want to know pricing on any of our riding gear, send us a message and we can tell you the cost of the specific item you’re interested in. 

Other Riding Gear Brands We Sell

Our Scorpion riding jackets are also immensely popular. The Vortex Air Mesh jacket already has armor built-in, but you can take it in and out. It’s layered, so it’s more of an all-weather jacket because of the removable waterproof liner.

Rhino mesh is three times more abrasion-resistant. The jacket’s unique construction increases airflow by up to 30 percent.

The Tourmaster air jacket also has full armor, a waterproof liner, and is available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Not Just Summer Jackets

A motorcycle jacket is what most people think of when they start shopping for summer gear because it's vital in terms of protection when you ride, and your winter leathers feel miserable in the summertime. But don't forget other elements of riding gear that can make you more comfortable in high temperatures. 

When you come by Black Gold Harley-Davidson® to look at mesh jackets, ask about our mesh motorcycle pants, summer motorcycle gloves and riding boots designed with airflow and lightweight protection in mind. Try a helmet liner you can soak in ice-cold water, apply to your dome and get back on the road.

 Tips for Staying Cool When You Ride Summer 2020

Our own Vickie Cashon survived a very long ride to Sturgis in the dead of summer last year by using one of our favorite tricks for staying cool while riding a Harley® in the summer. It was toasty but manageable until she slammed into a wall of West Texas heat on her return trip. 

"I bought a bag of ice and rode down the road with it on my lap, eating the ice and letting it melt all over me. When it was gone, I dried out. Then I pulled over, got another bag, and started again. It's the only way I made it through that heat." It's a trick that will allow you to keep rolling even on the hottest of days. You'll also benefit from doing the following:

  • Don't just drink water. When you sweat, you lose fluids and salt, so add sports drinks to your water bottle or hydration backpack and just keep sipping.
  • Watch out for booze. You should never drink and ride, and even drinking when you're parked for the day will make you dehydrated. Caffeine also acts as a diuretic, so your output could quickly outpace intake.
  • Think evaporation. Your body sweats to cool itself. Cover your skin to prevent sunburn and provide protection, but use mesh everywhere you can. Try an evaporative cooling neck wrap, bandana or neck gaiter soaked with water to keep the sun off and the cool on your skin.
  • Take breaks. Riding is supposed to be about enjoying yourself, not seeing how much you can take. When you start to get fatigued, pull over and relax in the shade. Take off your jacket and your riding boots and let your body come back to a more comfortable temperature. Then when you get back after it, you'll be more relaxed and alert.

So how do you stay cool when you ride in the summer? Share your own tips on our Facebook page.