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"Motorcycles have always been dramatic. They are not for everybody and never will be. This is a product that people can take to an extreme as a means of self-expression." - Willie G. Davidson

Every Harley® is impressive when it rolls out of the factory. At the core of each bike is a spirit of individualism, freedom and pride. H-D® buyers have that same core, and it makes them want to personalize their bike, to make it even more unique. This month Harley® started showcasing custom motorcycles on social media and promises to share more in the months to come in an October 15 article on the journey to customization.


Harleys® have really always been polarizing. Most people can't look at one without having an opinion, and customization deepens the effect. Almost as soon as the public started buying H-D® bikes they started altering components to turn them into racing machines, adding saddlebags for more carrying capacity or swapping seats to make a more comfortable ride on rough roads.

Creating a custom motorcycle can be a never-ending process because Harley® invests so heavily in providing options for every rider. Buying the bike is often just the first step. Customization is possible from the seat to the wheels, windshield to exhaust.

The Harley® article warns motorcycle customization will get you both praise and criticism. The recently shared "Gobstopper" Softail Night Train® generated both love and hate. Some people loved its lighthearted colors and whimsical lines. Others were extremely vocal in their disapproval. We find that's what often happens when you stick to your principles and express your individuality.

f976c74f214c1cc0832e3bfcff427a5f_37dfd1c76ad38d6a.jpgCustom Motorcycle from  H-D® UK on Instagram

The thing is, H-D® owners don't create a custom motorcycle to please others. They do it to make their bike an extension of themselves. The process is about creativity and creating a personal link between the bike and its owner.


The Battle of the Kings started in 2015 and has turned into a multi-country event. Dealerships compete to have the best custom bike, and they all must follow these rules:

  • Their starting point must be a Harley-Davidson® Dark Custom motorcycle (which as of 2018 included Street Bob and Fat Bob Softails)
  • Their budget is limited to $6,000 Euros or about $6,900 dollars.
  • At least 50 percent of customization parts must be genuine Harley-Davidson® parts and accessories.
  • Bikes have to be street legal and resell for retail plus the amount spent on customization.

The competition takes place in each participating country, with national champions going head-to-head on the global stage. See current contenders and past champions on the Custom Kings website. The international winner will be announced next month at EICMA, one of the largest and most renowned international motorcycle trading fairs on the planet.

H-D® is sharing Battle of the Kings custom motorcycles on both its Facebook and Instagram feeds.



Once you look at those custom motorcycles, you're going to want your own. The good news is, anyone can own one, you just need a Harley®, patience and individualism. If you already own your bike and you're ready to make it your own, get in touch with our Allen Texas motorcycle customization experts.

If you don't want to create one, we sell custom builds. Here's what we have on the lot this October:

  • 2019 Custom H-D® Softail Deluxe FLDE
  • 2019 Road Glide Special FLTRXS
  • Custom Road Glide Ultra FLTRU
  • New Street Glide Special FLHXS
  • Custom Softail Slim FLSL
  • 2018 Custom Street Glide FLHX
  • New Custom Freewheeler FLRT
  • New Custom Electra Glide Ultra Classic

Customization is a journey, and a custom Harley® is the ultimate in self-expression. Let us help you create your dream when you get in touch with our service department or check out our custom builds today.