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Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts don't put up with fluff in most areas of life. We want simple things that work as advertised. The more powerful a solution, the better. 

We want to take care of all our responsibilities and have energy to spare to enjoy the good things in life. That's why the motorcycle community has a long-standing love affair with coffee. The cafe racer even takes its name from riders who would take light-weight bikes for quick rides between places that sell coffee. 

At Black Gold Harley-Davidson® in Allen, we take our coffee seriously. We work hard, we play hard and we drink a lot of coffee along the way. We started carrying Black Rifle Coffee Company coffee because we feel like our customers will love it as much as we do. Here's what else we love about BRCC.


Black Rifle Coffee Company founder and owner Evan Hafer started BRCC primarily to serve the best quality coffee to veterans and people in the pro-2nd Amendment community. As a veteran and Green Beret, Hafer spent more than a decade researching what makes the best coffee. He started roasting coffee in a one-pound roaster for himself and his friends, drinking and sharing what he brewed. 

When he wasn't serving his country in Iraq and Afghanistan, he used his time to hone his abilities both with firearms and at roasting coffee. He combined both the black rifle and coffee. Over the course of 40 deployments and three and a half years on the ground in Iraq, he got very, very good at both.

More than 50 percent of BRCC's hires are veterans. The company is operated and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah with additional locations in Nashville, Tennessee and San Antonio, Texas.


BRCC is founded on the principles that made America great. Their goal is to offer conservative men and women an alternative to politically correct coffee in little paper cups with pop culture logos.

In an interview with Munchies, Hafer summarized BRCC culture when he said, "We're fine with guns, tattoos, and loud music, and we're fine with being what we call 'the warrior philosophers.' We encourage strength and honor and those things that are almost dying within our society. And we do celebrate masculinity, not in a chauvinistic way, but it's just who we are. Were male American military veterans who have spent most of our time in combat, in special operations." 

He says he takes coffee seriously, but he's not part of the hipster culture that pays $18 for a cup of coffee. "I'm not trying to incite riots with hipsters," he quips, "It wouldn't work out well for them anyway."


A company can stand for the best ideals and offer spot-on advertising and still fail if the product isn't good. Black Rifle Coffee Company's coffee speaks for itself. 

When we order coffee from BRCC, they roast the coffee the same day they ship it to us. They sell light roast, medium roast and dark roast, extra dark roast coffee and cocoa. They also offer decaf coffee and coffee rounds if you use a Keurig or similar machine to make your morning brew. Their coffee comes with names like the following:

  • Just Black Blend
  • Silencer Smooth Blend
  • AK47 Blend
  • Beyond Black Blend
  • "Coffee or Die" Roast
  • Death Punch Blend
  • Freedom Roast Coffee
  • Gunship

Just reading the names makes you feel a little more caffeinated. The flavors are intense, exactly what coffee should be. The blends containing caffeine provide lasting energy without making you feel jittery. They give us indestructible focus for all the things we have to get done in a day.


If you ride, you already know stopping somewhere fantastic to have a cup of coffee is one of life's unbeatable pleasures. You don't see us rolling through Starbucks because that isn't our culture, plus we can't exactly carry those cups on the road. 

If you carry your coffee in a thermos and ride somewhere rugged and remote, that's freedom. There's nothing better than getting to where you're going and finding the coffee you brought is really, really good. 

At Black Gold Harley-Davidson® in Allen, Texas we want to provide everything you need to enjoy the journey. We carry Black Rifle Coffee Company because we believe in their ideals and we know they make a quality product. It's a little like our bikes, a purchase you can feel good about and you're guaranteed to enjoy. Pick some up next time you're in the store or get in touch to find out more, you'll be glad you did.