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Part of the Harley® lifestyle is uniqueness and self-expression. There's no one-size-fits all for H-D® fans. One of the great things about the Harley® brand is how many choices they offer for every taste. We've compiled a list of this season's favorites so you can decide for yourself what are the best Harley-Davidson® gift ideas for him in 2018. 

Note: This post assumes he already has a bike he loves. If you're thinking of going all out, see the article How to Surprise Your Loved One With a Motorcycle for Christmas. We can help you make it happen. Now for the rest of the list.


Megann in Motorsports promises he'll love you forever if you get him a leather jacket for Christmas. There are a couple of reasons a leather jacket is one of the best gifts you can give.

  • The leather outer breaks up the wind while the liner keeps you warm. 
  • They're not just for winter. Ours come with breathable liner material that also wicks moisture when weather warms.
  • H-D® jackets are built to last. They're a one-time purchase. You'll only buy another one because you want it and because there are so many great looking styles, not because your first one wears out.


If he has a jacket that doesn't keep him warm enough, get him our FXRG liner to go inside his existing jacket. They're lightweight, waterproof high-tech material that keeps in body heat and vents moisture. The thumb holes keep the liner tucked under gloves so no air goes up his sleeves.


Like with leather jackets, the outer on our gauntlet gloves stops the wind while the inner fleece keeps your hands warm. Pre-curved fingers already feel like they've been worn so he's ready to grab the handlebars and hit the road. 


If he doesn't have a pair, he wishes he does. These too are a one-time purchase no matter what your size. Some buyers shy away because they're not sure about fit, but chaps are incredibly versatile. The belt in front tightens and loosens, but our chaps also have laces in the back for when he's in-between sizes. He'll be as comfortable riding home from Christmas dinner as he is after he's been hitting the gym hard in January. 

One thing not everyone knows is why chaps don't come hemmed. They're excellent quality leather with no bottom stitching because they're meant to be trimmed to fit. Start at the longest he might want them and shorten them with scissors until they're the perfect length.


This makes a fantastic Christmas gift idea for Dallas riders! If you get the heated liner, gloves and pants, all three connect and plug into the bike with one attachment. They're powered by his motorcycle battery with a temperature setting for low, medium and high. The bike doesn't require any additional wiring, it's just plug and play. And no, he won't be able to feel the wires from inside, just the toasty warmth.


If your man loves Ironman, Captain America, the Hulk or any other Marvel character, as of this writing we have Marvel socks with T-shirts coming soon! These make great stocking stuffers.


These top-of-the-line helmets have unbelievable detailing. Full-face helmets are warmest for winter riding, but Shoei helmets have superior venting, so they're good for all seasons. When you come by our Allen, Texas dealership, check out the graphics on the RF1200 Shoei!


All Harley® boots come with a year warranty, and we have some great ones for the 2018 holidays.

The Men's Prescott Waterproof motorcycle boots are just a great all-around pair of waterproof boots. There's even a lining inside the zipper so no water seeps through. One thing we love is their suede look, so they're not plastic-looking like many waterproof boots. Check out the sole to see the skull and eagle imprint he'll leave wherever he goes.

Harley-Davidson® Men's Brake Light boots are one of our best sellers. They have two zippers on the front for the guys who don't want to deal with laces and extra-rugged steel toes for added protection. They're available in a huge range of sizes, from men's 7-18.

If he doesn't wear boots, our Woodridge and Eastfield Composite Toe sneakers are built for both safety and comfort. They're perfect if he works in construction or in a warehouse with a waterproof outer and non-skid sole.

The guys at our dealership are all loving the Midland waterproof boots. They're waterproof and retro for the inner rebel.

We even have H-D® footwear in camo! If he's a hunter, give him waterproof hunting boots that lace up but also have an easy side-zip.


Harley-Davidson® of Dallas just started carrying BRCC coffee because we know our customers will love it as much as we do. This veteran founded and operated company makes a product he'll want to drink every day, with extra for his thermos when he's riding to a remote location.


Make sure when you shop you browse the gift bags and baskets we've put together. They're chock full of licensed H-D® products already packaged and ready to go.


Rev up the Holidays lasts November 23 through December 1. Shop select jackets, hoodies, shirts, motorcycle covers and LED headlamps. Then be sure to check back for last-minute shopping deals!