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Black Gold Harley-Davidson® Allen needs your help. We're collecting the greatest ever Harley lifestyle photos, and we're relying on you to take them. Our lifestyle photo contest winner receives the following:

  • The chance to have your own personal dealer back
  • A life-sized photo on the wall
  • Lifetime bragging rights for epitomizing the Harley® lifestyle

However, we aren't looking for a million images of people standing next to their Harley®. We love when you share your bike photos, but what we're looking for here is a very specific type of photo. For the lifestyle photo contest, here's how to win.


You hear the phrase "Harley® lifestyle" a lot, but it's rarely defined. That's because it's a little bit different for everyone. 

For some people, it means wrenching with their buddies to create a custom motorcycle. If that's you, don't just show us the perfect, shiny finished result. We want to see the grit, smell the grease and feel your determination to see the project through despite challenges.

For other people, the Harley® lifestyle is riding lonely roads and going places they've never been. If that's what it means to you, don't just send a photo of your bike on the shoulder of a mountain pass. Compose your shot in a way that communicates the solitude and triumph at your very best moments.

If the Harley® lifestyle means you feel such a deep connection you've got Harley® tattoos, you eat, sleep and breathe in motorcycle gear and could be a stand-in for every tough biker in every movie Hollywood ever made, submit a photo that shows us who you are. 

For those who have Harley-Davidson® flat track racing as their heart and soul, capture that speed and reckless courage, then turn it in.


We'd probably better say it - be safe when you take your photos. No selfies riding down the mountain pass or around the track. Beyond that, think past just the visual display. What emotion do you want to capture? Then try these tips:

  • Take location shots - Before you put yourself and your bike in the picture, if you have time take photos of the location. The background is going to be your frame. Where do you need to position the camera for maximum impact? 
  • Watch out for vertical lines - Telephone poles, mailboxes, the side of buildings and car antennas create lines that offset your balance. Try for an uncluttered background.
  • Check lighting - When you take your initial photos, evaluate the lighting as its own element. Where do shadows fall? Could you have a stronger impact if you shot on an overcast day or at sunset?
  • Angle your bike - Try not to take your shot head-on or straight at the side. Turn your motorcycle at a 3/4 degree angle so sunlight isn't glaring off chrome and your bike sits at its best angle. You can also adjust the camera angle. Shoot from the ground up to make your bike look meaner or get up high to offer an above perspective.
  • Flip Your Phone - Shoot both horizontally and vertically. If there's text in the photo (on your shirt or signs), shoot from your phone's actual camera lens, not with the screen facing toward you. That way the text displays correctly. It's easier to represent the Harley® lifestyle when your logo faces the right way.
  • Enlist a friend - We want photos from a unique viewpoint. Show us high-speed action shots or capture refreshing angles. Often having another set of eyes can help.


You must own the rights to the image. We'll accept both color and monochrome submissions. Submit up to 3 photos per person. Images must be properly sized to 300 dpi or less and under 10 mb. Accepted file types are .jpg, .png and .tif

Enter between July 2 and August 1, 2019. If you have questions about rules, terms and conditions email

Show us the unexpected. We can't wait to see what you come up with!