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About Dallas Motorcycle Collision Repair

After a wreck, seeing your bike messed up just hits you in the gut. It’s never good when you need Dallas TX collision repair, but sometimes stuff happens. We’re here to answer your questions about motorcycle repair, give you insight on our approach to motorcycle restoration and explain why we’re the best choice when you need a Harley® body shop.

Does Insurance Cover Motorcycle Collision Repair?

If you have full coverage motorcycle insurance, you’re covered if your bike is damaged or stolen. So if you’ve been in a wreck, you probably won’t have to pay for all of the repairs out of pocket. 

It’s similar to an auto accident. If you’re at fault, your insurance will pay for any needed repairs. If the other person is at fault, their insurance should pay. In Texas and Louisiana, the state mandates coverage amounts for bodily injury liability, property damage liability and personal injury protection.

Collision coverage is just what it sounds like. It covers collision repair if you’re in a wreck. Comprehensive coverage addresses damages if you have a fire, flood, if a tree falls on your bike, if it’s stolen while in storage and almost everything else.

Accessories like saddlebags, luggage racks or windshields might not be covered. It’s always a good idea to check your policy if you’re adding expensive accessories to find out what’s covered and add to your policy if you want to make sure you’re protected.

How Expensive is Good Collision Repair Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance rates, like your auto policy, fluctuate depending on what type of bike you ride and what your driving record is like. Our customers say Full Cycle Insurance provides excellent coverage for motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft, and they can also bundle your home and business insurance. 

Sometimes people ask whether they should choose liability or full coverage insurance for their Harley. The general rule of thumb is that if your bike is worth more than $5,000, if it’s a classic, or if you’ve made a lot of customizations, you should go for full coverage. If your bike is worth less, you’d probably be better off paying out of pocket for any needed motorcycle repair rather than pay the higher premiums that go with more coverage.

Another thing to think about is if your bike is your main form of transportation. If you wreck it, it’s your fault and you only have liability coverage, you won’t have a ride until you have the money for repairs. You’ll also have to wait on the motorcycle body shop to finish. With full coverage, you can opt to have a replacement vehicle while you’re getting your bike fixed.

What’s The Process When Using Insurance for Motorcycle Collision Repair?

Any time you have an accident, whether you’re on two, three, four or any other number of wheels, your first priority is to make sure you and everyone else are safe. Then, call the police so you have an unbiased account of what happened. Once you’re able, let your insurance company know what happened, even if the other driver was at fault.

We’re here to talk about any needed repairs as soon as you are. You can bring your bike by if it’s still rideable or bring photos if it’s not. 

This part can be emotional, stressful and intense. You just went through a wreck, and that shakes most people up. Your bike, your treasured possession is messed up, and that hurts. Insurance companies aren’t always helpful, and what they say about coverages can be confusing. 

We’ve been through this with a lot of customers. Only a qualified motorcycle accident attorney can give you legal advice, but we can identify with what you’re feeling and help you explore options for getting your bike back on the road. We can also work up an estimate for repairs so you have that ready to give to the adjuster.

Why Choose Us as Your Harley® Body Shop? 

•    We’re a Preferred Collision Center. Several insurance companies, including Progressive, have designated us one of the best places for motorcycle repair. Insurance companies prefer work be done by shops that get it done right the first time. We have top factory-trained technicians who can get your bike fixed efficiently and to exacting standards. We also honor warranty work and handle recalls. 

•    We know Harley® like nobody else. Our reputation speaks for itself. Read reviews on any reputable source and you’ll find testimonials from people for whom we provided motorcycle restoration that went above and beyond. 

•    We think outside the box. If you want your bike returned to exactly its previous condition, we can make it happen, no matter how hard the unique features and custom accessories are to find. If you want to take this opportunity to change things up, we can help you do that too. It might be the right time to get the custom paint job or aftermarket accessories that have been on your wish list for months.

We hope you're never involved in a situation where you need motorcycle collision repair, but stuff happens. When it does, we're here to help. Contact us online or book your service today.