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You’ve almost made it through the summer heat riding the streets of Allen, McKinney, Plano and beyond DFW. In this part of Texas we’re about to enter the best months of the year for riding. However, as the season progresses some days are going to be cold and wet. Here’s what you need to keep the shiny side up and enjoy every second of the ride.


You’ve read the jokes about East Texas weather. Some days you need a sweater and heavy coat in the morning and want a tank top and shorts by lunchtime. Most of us have seen snow one day and 90-degree temperatures the next.

FXRG® offers four-season gear that’s lightweight, waterproof, windproof and extremely strong. It contains a Cocona® Membrane made from coconut fibers for enhanced breathability. Jackets come in midweight, waterproof leather or textile fabric and are available for both men and women.

Most have sewn-in, super-lightweight body armor at the elbows and shoulders to protect the areas most vulnerable to abrasion. And they look as good as they feel. Add or remove a jacket liner as the temperature changes and you stay comfortable no matter what.


Think what happens when you trip and fall. Your hands instinctively shoot out to catch yourself. That’s programmed in to protect your head and vital organs. When there’s the potential for a fall at high speed, you want to be sure your first line of defense is protected.

Plus, when the temperature drops your fingers are the first place you feel it. Crisp 50 degree days feel good until you spend half an hour flying around DFW at 70 mph. Good gloves provide armor, protection and insulation. We can help you find them in store when you check out our Motorclothes® Merchandise.


It’s not if you go down, but when. It’s better safe than sorry. You hear those statements over and over because they’re true. If you hit the pavement wearing regular jeans, that denim is going to tear 0.4 seconds into your slide. The rest of the distance you travel will be bare skin against asphalt or gravel.

At Black Gold Harley-Davidson®, we carry Performance Riding Jeans from H-D® that blend style with technology. They’re denim on the outside with patented Roomoto® lining on the inside at the hips, outside leg, knees, thighs and backside. Here’s why they’re the best:

  • Polyester mesh lining wicks moisture
  • Abrasion resistant for 7.46 seconds
  • Removable body armor from FXRG available for hips and knees
  • Classic styling and stretch for comfort

Wear boots and a helmet every time you ride, no matter what the season. We have all your riding gear at Black Gold Harley-Davidson®. Stop by to shop or get in touch today.